The Pan African Market Manifesto

The Pan African Market Manifesto

In Africa, the creative manufacturing sector has the potential to employ many more people than it currently does. If the opportunity and creative space is obtained, the sky is the limit. Art, the production and sale thereof may lead to sustainable business, creating more work and feeding hundreds of mouths, plus the magic of art and aesthetic appreciation may socially uplift and a more positive outlook on this hectic and hurried modern life may result.

Through the Gallery, the Market endeavors to facilitate exhibitions of individual African Artists and Craft organisations as an alternative to the usual formalized structures. International gallery owners discover a wealth of new talent emerging from our townships.

What is probably more instructive for us to consider are the social conditions that make an African Renaissance possible. What does emerge from such an inquiry is the very particular and very different sorts of social responsibilities that fall to the political and cultural establishments respectively.

For example, the responsibility to construct and maintain an education policy that offers grounding in aesthetics as a right and not a privilege should be carefully considered; one cannot ignore the obviously healthy effects of a culturally balanced curriculum. In this way, we nurture the growth of a sensitised art and culture audience. A thriving economy, political harmony, farsighted cultural vision and a common sense of curiosity; enthusiasm about the future are then some of the necessary preconditions for any cultural awakening to occur. The Pan African Market has been described as a living painting, continually transforming and adapting. Like the nature of business itself, it is a dynamic cultural centre. Striving and intending to teach not only by what we say, but also through what we do. Job creation and positive incentives for the growth of small business is our strongest priority. Our example will always speak louder than words.

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