This is a current historical plant species list for all the plant species recorded on the Kirstenbosch Estate between 1978 to 2006.As a historical list, it includes exotic species which are currently being removed on the estate as they are identified.
If you would like to contribute to this list, please contact Augustine Morkel at or at +2721 799 8899.
Compiled by: P. de Abreu & A. Morkel Endemic Only found in the Cape Floristic Region/Western Cape

This list is arranged alphabetically by the "Form" as Family - Genus - Species - Common names - Flowering time - Type

  • FABACEAE Acacia saligna Port Jackson Aug-Oct Alien
  • FABACEAE Acacia melanoxylon Blackwood Aug-Sept Alien
  • FABACEAE Acacia longifolia Long-leaved wattle June-Nov Alien
  • FABACEAE Acacia elata Alien
  • FABACEAE Acacia mearnsii Black wattle Aug-Nov Alien
  • AMARANTHACEAE Achyranthes aspera Dec-Mar Indigenous
  • ORCHIDACEAE Acrolophia capensis Cinderella orchid Dec-Jan Indigenous
  • ORCHIDACEAE Acrolophia lamellata Cinderella orchid Oct Endemic
  • RUTACEAE Adenandra villosa China flower, Porseleinblom Aug-Nov Endemic
  • RUTACEAE Adenandra uniflora China flower, Porseleinblom Aug-Oct Endemic
  • EUPHORBIACEAE Adenocline pauciflora Sept-Dec Indigenous
  • PTERIDACEAE Adiantum poiretii Maidenhair fern, vrouehaar Indigenous
  • PTERIDACEAE Adiantum aethiopicum Maidenhair fern, vrouehaar Indigenous
  • AGAPANTHACEAE Agapanthus africanus Agapanthus, bloulelie Dec-Apr Endemic
  • RUTACEAE Agathosma imbricata Buchu, Boegoe June-Jan Endemic
  • RUTACEAE Agathosma tabularis Stinkboegoe Sept-Nov Endemic
  • RUTACEAE Agathosma ciliata Steenbokboegoe Apr-Sept Endemic
  • RUTACEAE Agathosma ciliaris Buchu, Boegoe May-Dec Endemic
  • POACEAE Agrostis bergiana Oct-Feb Indigenous
  • POACEAE Agrostis lachnantha Vinkagrostis Oct-Mar Indigenous
  • SIMAROUBACEAE Ailanthes altissima Tree of heaven, hemelboom Oct-Nov Alien
  • HYACINTHACEAE Albuca fragrans Slime Lilly, Slymlelie, Tamarak Sept-Oct Endemic
  • HYACINTHACEAE Albuca juncifolia Slime Lilly, Slymlelie, Tamarak Sept-Oct Endemic
  • HYACINTHACEAE Albuca flaccida Slime Lilly, Slymlelie, Tamarak Aug-Oct Indigenous
  • ROSACEAE Alchemilla capensis Lady's Mantle Oct-Jan Indigenous
  • ASTERACEAE Alciope tabularis Fire daisy Apr-July Endemic
  • OROBANCHACEAE Alectra lurida Yellow witchweed Sept-Dec Endemic
  • ALOACEAE Aloe succotrina Bergaalwyn June-Sept Endemic
  • AMARYLLIDACEAE Amaryllis belladonna March lily, Belladonna lily Feb-Apr Endemic
  • FABACEAE Amphithalea ericifolia Apr-Jan Endemic
  • FABACEAE Amphithalea imbricata Dec-Jan Endemic
  • ASTERACEAE Anaxeton arborescens Aug-Oct Endemic
  • ASTERACEAE Anaxeton asperum Aug-Dec Endemic
  • ASTERACEAE Anaxeton nycthemerum Oct-Dec Endemic
  • COLCHICACEAE Androcymbium capense Cup and Saucer, Patrysblom June-Aug Indigenous
  • RANUNCULACEAE Anemone tenuifolia Cape anemone June-Feb Endemic
  • MALVACEAE Anisodontea scabrosa African mallow, Sandroos Sept-Dec Indigenous
  • APIACEAE Annesorhiza nuda Anyswortel Dec-Apr Endemic