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Neville Hickman’s The Brush Stroke Studio / Gallery

Neville Hickman’s The Brush Stroke Studio / Gallery When you view Neville Hickman’s paintings you get the feeling that he took great pleasure in creating them. You’re right. There’s a certain vitality about his work that invites you to transcend the daily routines of life and to ‘seize the day’. Hickman’s paintings are exhibited in selected galleries in South Africa and Australia and he is represented in London by Abigail...

Sylvia Smith Gallery

Sylvia Smith is a long-established watercolorists showcasing her own works and those of local artists, plus ceramics and textile art. Mornings only in the quiet season. Visiting Address: Sylvia Smith Gallery, Hemel-en-Aarde Village, 7200, Hermanus, Western Cape, South Africa Tel: +27 (0)28-316 3240, Fax: 083-462 8953, E-mail: caro...@freemail.absa.co.za

Southern Art Ceramics

Glazed art of all descriptions, some practical, some architectural, all beautiful. Southern Art Ceramic Design is a treasure trove for decorators, architects and individuals who would like to define their sanctuaries as their own and to create extraordinary and luxurious spaces. Sandbaai Stationery and Art: Art supplies and art, now moved to new premises down Sandbaai...

Pure South

Pure South Art ceramics by award-winning Hennie Meyer and others, plus some paintings by local artists, exclusively South African goods. Pure South is passionate about South African ceramic artists, potters and fine craft. It carries a range of Musterseed and Moonshine, Diana Carmichael, Mielie, Monkey Biz with design pieces by Hennie Meyer, Tania Babb, Andile Dyalvane, Light from...

The Philip Harper Galleries

The Philip Harper Galleries The Philip Harper Galleries is located in Main Rd, Contemporary and SA Masters, cool and sophisticated. Trimmed down by the letting of some space to Bellini, Harper still has an uncluttered look in its ground and first floor areas. The Philip Harper Galleries in Hermanus, Cape, specialise in South African artists in all media. Collection always provides a balance between...

Mission House Gallery

Mission House Gallery is located at De Villiers St. Artist, art teacher and long-time gallerist Glenda Pope owns this historic farmhouse which she has recently expanded. Contemporary works and framing, too. Visiting Address: Mission House Gallery, 8 De Villiers Street Onrus, 7200, Hermanus, Western Cape, South Africa. Tel: +27 (0)28-316 2269, Fax: 028-316 2269, E-mail:...

Mila Mosaic Boutique / Deirdre Winer Gallery

Mila Mosaic Boutique / Deirdre Winer Gallery now moved to the chic arcade known as High Street Close. Craft glass, mosaic and artworks. A newcomer to Hermanus who shows her own work (and some of her teacher’s) in a small but tasteful gallery in High Street Close. Dave De Beer Wildlife Photography exhibits his brilliantly-observed and captured birds, beasts and cetaceans...

Hornbill House Studio Gallery

Hornbill House Studio Gallery Local African artists, under the watchful eye of Erna Dry, produce ceramic sculptures of African animals, decorated with universal ethnic designs in our studio. Drawings, paintings and ceramic sculptures inspired by nature, ethnic culture and mythology, produced in thieir own gallery. First-floor gallery above a treasure trove of Afrocentric ceramics by Erna and John Dry...

The Village Gallery

Works in watercolour and oil by owner Brian Robertson and a representation of works by other leading local artists. Brian Robertson at his easel. Invited artists share the space but the framing section has been discontinued. Visiting Address: Village Gallery, Hemel-en-Aarde Village, Sandbaai, Hermanus, Western Cape, South Africa Tel: +27 (0)28-3164587

Hemel-en-aarde Art Centre at Hemel-en-Aarde Craft Village

Explore the myriad of shops in the Hemel-en-Aarde Village. Hornbill House, Village Gallery, Southern Art Ceramics, Ralph Walton Jewellery Design, Walkerbay Nursery and Sylvia Smith's Gallery. Visiting Address: Hemel-en-aarde Art Centre, PO.BOX 2225, 7200, Hermanus, Western Cape, South Africa Tel: +27 (0)28-316 4587, Fax: 028-316 4587

Gallery Sixty Four - Hemel-en-Aarde Village

Gallery Sixty Four is located in Hemel-en-Aarde Village. David Errington Studio and local art. Visiting Address: Gallery Sixty Four Unit 6/1 Hemel & Aarde Village, 7200, Hermanus, Western Cape, South Africa Tel: +27 (0)28-316 4587, Fax: 028-316 4587, E-mail: col...@itec.co.za

Gallery Hermanus

Eye catching position on Main Road, a busy window entices you into an interior crammed with art that’s easy to enjoy. Visiting Address: Gallery Hermanus 151A Main Road, 7200, Hermanus, 7200, South Africa Tel: +27 (0)28-312 1418, Fax: 028-312 1418, E-mail: gall...@farsa.co.za

Gallery Gregoire

A museum dedicated to Gregoire Boonzaier where you can see a centenary selection of work of the late great Gregoire, some for sale and some loaned. Visiting Address: Gallery Gregoire Optimum Center, Old Main Road, 7200, Hermanus, Western Cape, South Africa Tel: +27 (0)28-316 2694, Fax: 028-316 2660, E-mail: s...@netactive.co.za

Gallery at Hubbard's Cupboard

Gallery at Hubbard's Cupboard is located at Aberdeen St. Eclectic collection of paintings and decorative objects. Food and fashion, sophistication in a warm, village setting. Visiting Address: 14 Aberdeen Street,7200, Hermanus, Western Cape, South Africa Tel: +27 (0)28-312 1909, Fax: 028-313 114 E-mail: hubbard's @hermanus.co.za

Old Harbour Gallery - Fourie Art and Decor

Old Harbour Gallery - Fourie Art and Decor; showing selected local and Zimbabwean paintings and sculpture. Owner Margaret Fourie may be heard at the piano, and sources some well-chosen art. Fourie Gallery is Reputable dealers in Art, Decor items, Funky Jewelery and collectibles. Visiting Address: Old Harbour Gallery - Fourie Art and Decor Shop 3, 4 Warrington Place...