The Rhino

The Rhino

The White Rhino

White Rhino
Height: 1.8 m (70 inches).
Weight: male: 2,300 kgs (5,070 lbs) / female: 1,600 kgs (3,528 lbs).
Habitat: Flat open plains, short grass, permanent water.
Grouping: Territorial, small family groups.
Breeding: All year, 1 calf (3-year intervals).
Diet: Grazers.

The Black Rhino

Black Rhino
Height: 1.6 m (63 inches).
Weight: 800 - 1,100 kgs (1,764 - 2,425 lbs).
Habitat: Closed savannah, prefers thickets.
Grouping: Solitary; but female with offspring until 3 years old.
Breeding: All year, mostly in summer; 1 calf.
Diet: Browssers; twigs, leaves.
NB: There is no difference in color between a white and black rhino.