Signal Hill

Signal Hill

The road that climbs the slopes of Lion's Head runs past the domed kramat (tomb) of a much revered Muslim holy man, and leads to the summit of Signal Hill. There is a picnic site near the tomb. After dark, from a vantage point just above the tomb, the view of the lights of the city is unforgettable. The sight is even better over weekends, and every night between December and April Table Mountain is floodlit.

Signal Hill overlooks the City and False Bay and it is from this place where the noon gun is still fired. This tradition dates back many centuries and is still carried out to this day. In the evenings Signal Hill is a little like ‘lovers lane’ - popular with couples who are up there to enjoy the lights and the romance of the Table Mountain backdrop, particularly during summer when Table Mountain is lit at night.

The guns on Signal Hill were used to notify the public when a ship was in trouble and there was a possibility of casualties on the coast near Cape Town. Three guns would be fired from Chavonne Battery, followed by a single gun in answer from Imhoff Battery. Signal Hill separates the City Bowl from the suburb of Sea Point, and its name is indicative of its function as the site for the noon gun, which is fired every day, a little lower than the viewpoint on Signal Hill, at Lion Battery.

The access to the Noon Gun doesn't go via Kloof Nek, but through the Bo Kaap (Military Street).