Sea Point and Mouille Point

Sea Point and Mouille Point

Sea Point has a three-kilometer long promenade, a large sea water pool, shops, night clubs, discos and a huge diversity of restaurants. It is a popular seaside resort and the most densely populated residential area is the peninsula. There is a saying that 'Sea Point never sleeps'!

Sea Point offers visitors a variety of pubs, music clubs, coffee shops and restaurants. Prior to the V&A Waterfront’s existence, Sea Point was the evening hot spot, now more commonly frequented by locals than visitors to South Africa.

The promenade runs the length of Sea Point’s beachfront, from Bantry Bay to Mouille Point and is a hub of activity, particularly in the early morning or late afternoons to watch the sun set right next to the waters of the Atlantic Seaboard in the stunning views of the sea. A number of children’s parks run alongside the promenade and there is a chlorinated swimming pool at the pavilion. Nearby, closer to the Waterfront, is the famous square red and white lighthouse, one of the oldest lighthouses in the country.

Mouille Point, lying just north of Sea Point, is a well-heeled suburb with a number of cushy apartment blocks and short-term accommodation for tourists.

Much like Sea Point, Mouille Point has a promenade that runs along the coast, which is popular with walkers and joggers, and a stroll along the scenic walkways makes for a relaxing family activity. Green Point Common offers popular sports fields and a golf course for visitors to play on.

Check out the Mouille Point lighthouse which is the oldest active lighthouse in South Africa having operated since 1824.

Contact Sea Point and Mouille Point

Visiting Address: Beach Road, Sea Point
Sea Point Pavilion
Tel: +27 21 434 3341
Closest Visitor Information Centre
City Centre Visitor Information Centre
Pinnacle Building, Cnr Burg & Castle Streets
Tel: +27 21 487 6800
Mouille Point Lighthouse