Mayibuye Centre Collection

Mayibuye Centre Collection

Comprises material relating to all aspects of apartheid and the anti-apartheid struggle, social life and culture. Includes a photographic archive, posters and banners, oral history, and collections of historical papers and art. Visitors and researchers have access by appointment only to the the collection which comprises material relating to the apartheid and the struggle for democracy in SA. The Mayibuye Archives provide a unique and often fragile documentary record of South African history and culture, particularly with regard to the apartheid period, the freedom struggle and political imprisonment in South Africa.

There are many archives, which comprise more than 100 000 photographs, 10 000 film and video recordings, 5000 artefacts from Robben Island and elsewhere, 2000 spoken history tapes, 2000 posters from the struggle, more than 300 collections of historical documents and an extensive art collection, including the UN-sponsored International Artists Against Apartheid Exhibition, and 10 000 political cartoons.

Multimedia resources focusing on the struggle against apartheid, an outreach programme of publications and productions including CD-ROM. "Using technology, any person or organisation has the ideal resource to preserve local and international history. It is essential that the appropriate measure, such as the Epson solution that was rolled out at the Mayibuye Archives, is taken in order to ensure that future generations have access to the country's history," Dummer concludes. Groups only, by appointment on Mondays to Fridays from 10am to 4pm.

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