Kommetjie Slangkop Lighthouse

Surrounded by mountains and previously wetlands, this scenic hamlet provides an escape from the hustle and bustle, yet it is only 30 minutes away from the City Centre, the Winelands and the Waterfront! A delightful small village with a distinctly rural feel on the way to the Cape of Good Hope Nature Reserve, this is an ideal base to explore the Western Cape from.

Kommetjie's main attraction is the wonderful, very wide beach with interesting rocky patches. Long Beach extends over 8 kilometers to Noordhoek, ideally suited for long beach walks. Surfers find good conditions here and dense kelp forests in the shallow water are good grounds for snorkelers and divers.

Kommetjie boasts the highest lighthouse on the South African coast. The Slangkop Lighthouse is 100 feet high, entirely made from steel and became operational in 1919. The rotating light has a range of 33 nautical miles. Kommetjie's lighthouse is also a beacon for one of the best land based sites for seabird watching. Slangkop lighthouse from Kommetjie Road (M65). Contact - Slangkop Lighthouse, Tel 021-7831717.

Imhoff Farm is also worth a visit. They have a farm stall, a bistro and offer great fun, especially for children, like camel rides and a snake park. Imhoff Park is part of a nature reserve and includes a breeding station for the African Blue Crane. Sunbathing or swimming on safe and protected beaches. Contact - Imhoff Park, PO Box 48318, Kommetjie, 7976. Tel: 021 783 1634, Fax: 021 783 2871. Imhoff Park on the web: http://www.imhoff.co.za/
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