Chapman's Peak Drive

View of Hout Bay from Chapman's Peak Drive

Carved into solid rock, Chapman's Peak Drive is one of the most spectacular mountain drives in the world. It starts at Hout Bay and ends at Noordhoek. At several lookout points, you can stop for a picnic and admire the panoramic scenery. Chapman's Peak Drive - One of the most spectacular drives in the world, built between 1915 & 1922.

On the left and right of the pass you will notice battle fortifications. Stopping for photographs at Chapman's Peak or any other lookout point on this drive is a stunning experience. The Sentinel Mountain keeps guard over Hout Bay and is a prominent feature along the drive.

It starts at the picturesque fishing harbour of Hout Bay skirting 114 curves of Chapman’s Peak to follow the rocky coastline along some truly magnificent views of the sandy bays below and then winds up to Chapman's Point, revealing breathtaking views of the sandy bays down below, until the road reaches sea level again at Noordhoek. The combination of steep, almost thrilling rocky inclines, shimmering blue waters and expansive skies simply take the breath away and to compensate for this, there are a number of rest areas en route where one can simply stop and drink in the views or picnic.

Noordhoek offers a tranquil country lifestyle combined with a colourful village atmosphere. The Cape Peninsula, also referred to as the Cape of Storms or the Cape of Good Hope, at the south-western tip of Africa, is a world-famous nature reserve which is bound by the cold waters of the Atlantic in the west and the warm waters of False Bay in the east. The park offers unique fauna and flora, scenic splendour and an intriguing history.

Here, visitors will encounter one of the highest sea cliffs in the world, several hiking routes, various animals (Cape Mountain Zebra, baboons, a variety of buck, and ostrich) and an abundance of bird life (including sea birds).

Chapman’s Peak Drive is operated as a toll road and is sometimes closed to traffic for safety reasons (but may be open to walkers and cyclists, even if close to motorized traffic), so it’s best to call the information line before attempting your journey. Find your nearest office.

Contact Chapman’s Peak Drive

Postal Address: Postnet Suite 85, Private Bag X4, Hout Bay 7872
Hout Bay Office: 29 Melkhout Crescent, Hout Bay
Noordhoek Office: Noordhoek Tourism Office, Noordhoek Village
Hout Bay Tel: 021 790 9163
Hout Bay Fax: 021 790 9169
Noordhoek Tel: 021 789 2812
Toll Plaza Tel: 021 791 8220
Toll Plaza Fax: 012 790 0778
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Aerial view of Chapman's Peak Drive