Centre for conservation education (Cape Education Museum)

Centre for conservation education (Cape Education Museum)

Documents educational development in the Western Cape.Displays of artefacts, documents and photographs on the development of education in the Cape Province. All the outdoor and museum education programmes are co-ordinated by the Centre for Conservation Education, which incorporates the Education Museum. The Centre offers interesting and varied approaches to conservation education from many angles, and is much in demand, so schools need to book their visits well in advance.

The Centre for Conservation Education is a unique educational institution in the services of the Western Cape Education Department (WCED) that has been operating for 17 years, providing environmental education to primary and secondary learners. Teachers book a date and a topic, and bring their learners to the Centre or one of our off-campus sites. Working from 1989 until 2006 means that for the most of our existence, we have had to cope with change in some form or other. I want to share with you how we have adapted and coped with some of the challenges.

Many definitions exist for the word environment, and even more exist for environmental education. At the Centre, you see the environment as everything around us, and falling into 3 categories: the bio-physical, the built and the social. But as the title of this paper suggests, history is a part of the environment in which we live, and therefore a part of environmental education. the teaching of history forms an integral part of our teaching programme. There are many environmental education service providers in Cape Town, but not many have a history focus, and those that do, like museums, seldom see their work as environmental education.

In the environment, things change all the time. As teachers, they find that they have to make sure we are up do date with environmental knowledge and issues, as well as current methodologies. We can never sit down and think: now we know it all, we have the experience. Launch of the UN Decade of Education for Sustainable Development. It has 3 main focus areas:
1. Environmental Protection
2. Economic Development
3. Social & Cultural Development

Background Of Centre for conservation education (Cape Education Museum)
Wynberg Boys High School has acquired a private collection of Anglo-Boer War material from ex-pupil Ryno Greenwall . This wonderful bequest will soon be available for public viewing at the school museum in Lover’s Walk, Wynberg.

The Centre for Conservation Education in Wynberg, Cape Town (which incorporates the Education Museum) was started in 1989. Under the auspices of the Western Cape Education Department, the Centre teaches environmental education to primary and secondary school groups. But the school, in whose building and spirit the Centre operates, is much older than that and is, in fact, the oldest existing school in Wynberg.

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Centre for conservation education (Cape Education Museum)
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