Cecilia Circuit - The 12 Apostles (The Pipe Track)

Cecilia Circuit - The 12 Apostles (The Pipe Track)

This is a circular route that starts with an easy ascent through Cecilia Forest. At about the halfway mark there is the opportunity to stop and admire the magnificent Cecilia Waterfall before tackling the steep climb up Cecilia ridge. A well deserved break is taken at De Villiers dam, one of the five dams on Table Mountain, then a short walk up to Klassenkop, the highest point on this walk. Here grow some spectacular Yellowwood trees hidden in the deep cracks of the rocks. Take time to explore this seldom visited area and admire the panoramic views of the Cape Peninsula, to the Hottentot Holland Mountains, Cape Point and beyond. The descent is an easy stroll along the jeep track and back through the forest. This is an easy but scenic 3 hour stroll below Table Mountain's magnificent 12 Apostles. Learn a little of the history of this area, the story behind "Pipe Track" and the characters who lived here. Admire the spectacular Atlantic Seaboard, the palm fringed beaches of Camps Bay and Lion's Head to the North. Return by the same path.

The Cecilia Forest offers a vast network of walks and jogging paths through Kirstenbosch to Newlands Forest, stretching to the top of Table Mountain and Cape Town. There are various well designated footpaths to choose from in the forest. We even pushed a pram (with a sleeping toddler in it) along the footpath! Walking between these tall trees while listening to the rustling leaves and birdsong, one realizes that there is something magical about this forest. There are a couple of streams along the way which allow you to take a welcoming sip of cool mountain water, but be sure to take some other refreshments along.

  • Starting and Ending Point: This walk starts and ends in the pine plantation of Cecilia Forest, off Rhodes Drive in Constantia. Cecilia Forest car park where Hohenhort Drive meets Rhodes Drive
  • Walk Duration: 1½ - 2 hours (Add on for stops)
  • Type of Terrain: Gravel/Dirt Road, Single Track
  • Difficulty: This is an relatively easy walk with mild uphill sections.
  • Contact Cecilia Forest, Kirstenbosch: (021) 762 0687
  • Directions: Travel along the M3 (pass the University of Cape Town on your right). Turn right at the first set of traffic lights into Rhodes Drive. Pass Kirstenbosch on your right. At first T-junction, turn right and follow that road for +-4km's and Cecilia Forest is on your right.

Cecilia Forest path