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BOX FESTIVAL OF PUPPETRY - The Baxter Theatre Centre

The Baxter Theatre Centre provides an exciting forum for the celebration of life which is the essence of live theatre, music and dance. Photographic collection of Baxter's existence since its opening in August 1977. It is one of the major live theatre venues in Cape Town and has always been at the forefront of the performing arts both as a popular venue and as a leading producer. The Baxter Dance Festival is an annual event which aims to provide emerging and established dance companies and choreographers with an opportunity to present their work.

Experience and see work by established professionals, as well as exciting up-and-coming dance practitioners. Hosts exhibitions throughout the year. In its efforts to encourage skills development, the Baxter Theatre Centre has since 1998 run the Ikhwezi outreach programme, which culminates in the Ikhwezi Theatre Festival each year. Baxter Theatre Centre also organise The Out The Box Festival of Puppetry and Visual Performance is a visual feast of performances, workshops, talks, exhibitions and films. At the forefront of contemporary theatre worldwide, Visual Performance is about collaboration and experimentation. It departs from the spoken word into a sensory, evocative experience that explores the boundaries between performance and visual art.

Hours: Open on weekdays from 9am to 5pm.

Baxter Theatre Centre, Main Road, Rondebosch Cape Town
POSTAL ADDRESS: Baxter Theatre Centre, P O Box 297 Rondebosch
7701 South Africa
TELEPHONE: 021 685 7880 (International +27 21 685 7880)
FAX: 021 689 1880 (International +27 21 689 1880)
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