Art Gallery of Hermanus and surrounding villages

Art Gallery of Hermanus and surrounding villages

The beautiful seaside town of Hermanus in the Western Cape is only an hour and a half away from Cape Town and offers a wide range of activities. Apart from wonderful hospitality and beautiful views, Hermanus has scenic mountain walks, delicious wine tasting, craft markets, fantastic whale watching and one of only two Blue Flag beaches in the Western Cape.

Overlooking the largest natural lagoon in Africa, the whale watchers haven of Hermanus is the perfect spot to holiday all year round. Idyllic sunny days in summer, mild misty winters, crisp and colourful autumns and a spectacular Spring! The whales can be seen from the cliffs in the town centre from as early as June. They were once hunted locally, but are now protected. The Old Harbour Museum contains several exhibitions which explain the whaling history of Hermanus.

Hermanus, the world's foremost land based whale watching destination offering residents and holiday makers all modern amenities, yet retaining its fisherman's village charm. It is situated between mountain and sea, has gained world-wide recognition as the world's foremost land based whale watching destination.

The only Whale Crier in the world keeps visitors informed about the whereabouts of the whales, and in his own right has become a major attraction. The kelp horn he blows has become the soundtrack to this seaside resort during the whale season. Also of historic interest is The Old Harbour, which has remained unchanged from when it was the centre of activity in the fishing village. For art lovers, Hermanus is home to many artists whose works are displayed and sold at local shops, galleries and craft markets.

Hermanus is often referred to as the Art Mecca of the Western Cape. Most of the art is shipped world-wide. Chances are there'll be an exhibition on the go when you visit, and on weekends art - as well as crafts - is also displayed and sold on the village market, near the Old Harbour.
Art Gallery of Hermanus

Here Are The List Of Art Gallery of Hermanus and surrounding villages of Hemel en Aarde, Onrus and Vermont. Please choose (below listed) one you want to know: