South Africa Ecotourism

Eco-tourism in South Africa

Diverse prospects for ecotourism exist in South Africa, where scenic charm has long been known to capture the curiosity of the adventurous traveler. Such prospects are further scaled by the country's kaleidoscopic cultural mix, buoyed by a fascinating climate and a wide range of animal and plant species.


South Africa's importance in ecotourism cannot be underestimated as the country possesses a tremendous range of biodiversity. South Africa's network of over 20 national parks represents just about every biological zone or natural environment in the country. As the activity involves an enlightening experience about local people and ecosystems being visited, there is much more to ecotourism than just the business side of it.

Cultural Riches

South Africa has a fascinating mix of cultures, fed from many fountains: from Africa, from the East and from the West. Experiencing this diversity is one of the main motivations behind many people's visits to South Africa.

Village, town and city life, clothes and fashion, religious expression, literature and storytelling in eleven official languages, as well as in the universal language of music, song and dance: All reflect South Africa's multi-cultural heritage, portraying a veritable 'World in one Country'.

Arts and crafts centres and open air-markets testify to the wealth of talent South Africa has in basketry, beadwork, weaving, wood sculpting, painting, drawing, murals, and many other forms. Museums, monuments, cultural villages, and sites such as lighthouses, mountain passes, rail tracks and the places of note in the freedom struggle attest to the many strands of history that criss-cross throughout the country. Architecture from all periods and peoples adorn the cities and countryside, while traditional lifestyles are still practiced in many places.