South Africa Dive Sites - Plettenberg Bay Dive Sites

Plettenberg Bay is one of the loveliest bays to be found along the southern African coastline. In spring, whales regularly swim into the protection of the bay to mate and calve, and dolphins often frolic in the waves close to shore. The best months to dive the area are September through to October, but fair conditions prevail all year round.

Virgin Reef

This is a big reef, similar to Groot Bank. Virgin Reef is not often dived and has profuse and colourful invertebrate life.
Location: About 1km east of Groot Bank
Access: By boat from Plettenberg Bay.
Conditions: Usually cleaner and colder than around Plett as it is further out to sea.
Average depth: 18m (60ft)
Maximum depth: 34m (112ft).

Groot Bank

Described by locals as the ‘Sodwana’ of the east coast, this reef starts 30-40m (100-130ft) offshore, but is a boat dive because the shore entry entails a long walk.

There are fantastic pinnacles dropping from approximately 9-25m (30-80ft), and the rock formations form large amphitheaters and caves. You can also swim through and explore the huge tunnels here when the conditions are favourable.

Big gamefish such as steenbras, musselcracker, Romans, parrotfish and ragged-tooth sharks frequent this reef. The dense marine growth that covers the rock is vividly coloured and profuse.
Location: 34o00, 40’S; 23o29, 38’E, to the east of Plett, between Keurbooms River and Nature’s Valley, about 12km (7.5 miles) north-east of Plettenberg.
Access: By boat launched from Hobie Beach to the east of the Beacon Isle Hotel or by inflatable from the hotel.
Average depth: 20m (65ft)
Maximum depth: 25m (80ft)