South Africa Dive Sites - Durban Dive Sites

The Pinnacles

The Pinnacles derives its name from the rising limestone formations on the reef, and is located at the northern end of the fault line. There is a lot of marine variety and it is a good dive for the more experienced diver. Take a torch.
Location: On Blood Reef
Access: By boat.
Maximum depth: 18m (60ft).

Reef or Outer Anchorage

This unusual name derives from the fact that this was the ‘number one’ fishing ground in the old days. The reef has many boulders and long pieces of anchor chain can still be found wrapped around the rock pinnacles, forming interesting patterns and nooks and crannies. Big rockcod are present and this is a feeding ground for sharks, so keep a sharp lookout, especially in murky water.
Maximum depth: 3Cm (100ft)
Conditions: Best dived in winter, though the clean Mozambique water comes in often in summer.
Access: It is not easy to pinpoint the better diving spots on this reef as the commercial operators are protective of their favourite sites but you can find good spots by cruising the reef and looking for pinnacles on an echo-sounder.
Average depth: 25m (80ft)

Faultline Or Deep Blood

This reef lies opposite the water tower further to the south of Blood Reef and derives its name from the natural fault line in the sea bed running parallel to the shore about 20Cm (660ft). This fault has formed two huge caves that offer marvellous viewing of all kinds of fish. Many an anchor has come unstuck here and lengths of rusting links can be seen. Behind the fault line and a little deeper at 23m (76ft) are a number of small reefs.
Location: On Blood Reef
Average depth: 18m (60ft)
Maximum depth: 23m (76ft) on the outer side.

The Caves

Weathered sandstone formations have collapsed to form caves, holes and gullies making this a memorable dive.
A feature of this site is the many blowholes. The boiling effect that these create on the surface makes them easy to spot just behind the breakline. The Durban Underwater Club (DUC) members to aid divers who aren't familiar with the reef have roped the cathedral-like interiors of these caves.
Location: on Blood Reef
Maximum depth: 9m (30ft) on the outer side.