Gauteng Department of Public Transport, Roads and Works

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Sage Life Building 41 Simmonds Street, Corner Pritchard, Private Bag X83, Marshalltown
South Africa
(+27 11) 355 7000
(+27 11) 355 7305
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Gauteng Department of Public Transport, Roads and Works

World-class roads and transport infrastructure networks and systems that facilitate seamless mobility of goods and people within Gauteng.

To provide an environmentally sustainable road infrastructure and integrated transport systems and services that is reliable, accessible, safe, and affordable which promotes socio-economic development in Gauteng .

The values that guide the work of the staff and contractors working on behalf of the Department are the following:

  • We pledge to uphold sound principles of institutional management and efficient systems and processes in service delivery.
  • Our staff and contractors shall be approachable, receptive, and open and will be quick to respond to needs of residents and clients as well as their responsibilities.
  • We commit to be original, inventive and novel in the execution of our mandates and activities.

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