Land & Agricultural Development Bank Of South Africa

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271 Veale Street Brooklyn
Gauteng  0088
South Africa
012 312 3999
012 312 3657
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Land Bank has been the leading financier of agriculture and related sectors in South Africa since its inception in 1912. As a world-class specialist agricultural finance institution, Land Bank offers tailor-made financial services to established and emerging farmers. As a government-owned institution it supports economic growth through the provision of retail, wholesale, project and micro-financial services. Part of its mandate includes contributing to rural development and stability, social upliftment and job creation. Since its inception in 1912, Land Bank has undergone various phases of transformation. Since 1997, part of its mandate has been to deracialise the agricultural sector and bring farmers from previously marginalised groups into the mainstream of South Africa’s agricultural sector.

  • Develop and provide appropriate products for commercial and development clients
  • Leverage private sector investment into the agricultural sector. To develop partnerships with intermediaries for on-lending
  • Develop techniques for financing high-risk agriculture and new business areas
  • Support programmes of the Ministry of Land Affairs and Agriculture by aligning the Bank’s products with these programmes
  • Contribute to rural development by linking up with government structures and activities Land Bank is in the business of lending money to clients. As a development finance institution, the bank is also constantly looking at ways of supporting the farmer and contributing to development, without focusing on profit as the only motive.

Description of products/services:

Land Bank provides financial services to the commercial farming sector and to agri-business and makes available new, appropriately designed financial products that facilitate access to finance by new entrants to agriculture from historically disadvantaged backgrounds.

These products include:

Short-term loan – a seasonal product to meet important financial needs in the agricultural sector. This loan serves farmers undertaking intensive agricultural activities that cannot be easily interrupted while the farmer waits for a new loan. The repayment period is five years, and the amount of security for production credit differs according to the size of the loan.

Medium-term loan – for individual farmers, legal entities and related business. A cash credit account, this product is for farmers with limited assets who want to grow their business.
Long-term mortgage loans – a fixed instalment loan for capital expenditure. Around the country our corporate clients use these loans for purchasing land, purchasing and installing machinery and equipment, improving fixed assets, water projects and other agriculture-related capital expenditure.

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