Addis in Cape

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41 Church Street, Corner Long & Church Streets
Cape Town
Western Cape 
South Africa
+27 21 424 5722
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Addis in Cape

When considering global cuisine, Ethiopia is not really a country that springs to mind, but the warm hospitality, authentic decor and traditional food make this a unique experience for visitors. Ethiopian cuisine has benefited from the country's position on the crossroads of traditional spice trading routes, making the food richly aromatic and designed to be shared. Dishes featuring chickpeas, lentils, butternut and mushroom make Ibis heaven for vegetarians, while meat dishes focus mainly on chicken or beef. All are served with injera, a pancake-like sourdough base, and eaten with the hands.

Hours: 10.00 am-12.00am Mon-Sat.

Main Courses: R80.

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