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31 Princess of Wales
South Africa
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043 721 2096
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The National Development Agency is a critical engine that can ensure growth and skills development in the South African economy and play an important role in the Accelerated and Shared Growth Initiative of South Africa (ASGI-SA). South Africa is a politically stable and beautiful country with an exceptionally good climate. No child should therefore have to go to bed hungry, or be prevented from attending school. Although our democracy is still very young, it is economically strong.

While the NDA plays a critical role in the distribution of funds to Civil Society Organisations (CSO), it is also tasked to transfer much-needed social, economic, financial and agricultural skills on behalf of government. This is to ensure that the CSOs become sustainable and profitable. Government funding was never meant to be a continuous and constant contribution, but rather a once-off contribution to kick-start CSOs on their way to becoming sustainable. Furthermore the NDA is determined to ensure that, in addition to the funds allocated to CSOs, they will also receive the skills needed to ensure their sustainability and independence. The NDA thus functions as a catalyst to ensure that relevant skills are transferred through intermediaries.

NDA has resolved to use research as a tool to provide strategic guidance and direction in funding projects. Consequently NDA is in a position to intervene in a more efficient way to ensure massification of impact on the poorest of the poor.

Poverty can be broadly described as an economic condition in which people lack sufficient income to obtain acceptable levels of health services, food, housing, clothing and education.

Individuals whose ability to earn income that are below average are likely to be poor. Historically, this group included the elderly, people with disabilities, single mothers and members of certain minority groups. Hence these are the populations targeted by the NDA, using the CSOs as its drivers.

A lack of education, access to markets, funding and skills develpment are further contributors to many South Africans living in poverty. The social and economic status of Blacks are further exacerbated by the remnants of the apartheid education system.

The NDA recognised these structural limitations in the economy, which is one of the fundamental reasons why the capacity building programme was conceived and implemented through intermediaries.

The NDA pledges to diligently execute its mandate of eradicating poverty through a continued, dedicated application of its efforts towards funding projects focusing on unlocking potential.

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