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The coir institute has donated one ton of coco peat to Johannesburg City Parks as part of its Arbour Day Upliftment Project in Soweto. The project ultimately aims to plant a minimum of 200 000 trees in Soweto, with 92 000 planted since it started 17 months ago.

The coco peat, a natural organic by-product of coir, will form an important part of the project's tree planting as it creates sustainable soil which absorbs and retains water, reducing the frequency of irrigation, aerating the soil and creating an environment that enhances and strengthens the health of the root systems.

With 92 000 trees already planted, Johannesburg City Parks hopes to involve both the corporate and the community to aid in the planting of the remaining 110 000 trees which is why the involvement of organisation's such as the coir institute sets an important example.

"It is an exciting and exhaustive project which is why it's so important that we mobilise local communities and the corporate to assist us in both reaching our target and realising the project's success," says Luther Williamson, MD of Johannesburg City Parks.

"We feel thrilled to be apart of such an important project and believe that the donation of coco peat will further aid Johannesburg City Parks in their efforts to create a beautiful and sustainable environment for Soweto and its communities," says Cassim Parak, CEO of the coir institute.

The Arbour Day Upliftment Project for Soweto also forms part of Johannesburg City Parks' overall landscaping master plan which has effectively identified those areas that are in need of trees and other plants, ultimately impacting the environment positively as well as enhancing the aesthetics of the areas in question.

In Soweto, Johannesburg City Parks is not only planting trees but also driving an environmental education process which will teach the community how to look after plants as it provides a sanctuary where they can enjoy sports or other leisurely activities.

The coir institute's involvement in the Arbour Day Uplifment Project came to fruition following its attendance of the recent SAGIC (South African Green Industries Council) conference which outlined the importance of the project.

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