Buffalo City Development Agency

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Windmill Park, Moore Road, Quigney
East London
South Africa
(043) 7220452
(043) 7220450
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The development of the East London coastline is long overdue. There has not been any substantial development on the beachfront for at least fifteen years, while in other South African cities, construction is a regular sight. There have been calls for the development of the East London beachfront for a number of years. These calls have gradually raised the expectations of the community on what to expect and moreover the ability of the BCDA to deliver. The establishment of the agency should fast-track development and create much needed capital. This means that the Agency will need to be sensitive to stakeholder expectations. Going by the private sector interest, the development should be immediate given the right approach.

It is left to the Agency to translate this interest into bankable projects. These projects should also be in line with the cities integrated development plan (IDP). Does this mean development? The pre-feasibility study developed by the Agency indicates that there are sufficient grounds for the establishment of a development agency. This conclusion was arrived at from the interest shown by potential developers and by the community support for the city's skyline to receive a face-lift. However, the success of newly established Buffalo City Development Agency (BCDA) is dependent on a number of stakeholders, the Municipality being the principal one due to its land ownership in the development footprint and the business community.

The BCDA was registered as a section 21 company with the Registrar of Companies under the Companies Act of 1973. It was established in terms of the provisions of the Municipal Systems Act (2000) and the Municipal Finance Management Act (2003). The Agency is governed by a Board and it is administered by a Chief Executive Officer. The Board was appointed in September 2005 and there are three (3) Board members.

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