Welgemoed Health Studio

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24 Chavonne Street
Welgemoed, Cape Town
Western Cape 
South Africa
021 913 7708
086 685 8255

Welgemoed Health Studio

With BEAUTYBODY we are introducing beautytek, by medilab, the innovative and highly effective aesthetic treatment concept which offers you a safe, fast and comfortable approach to renewed beauty and physical shape. Excellent and long lasting results are preprogrammed in this novel therapy system combining the artificial intelligence of contemporary medical technology with the wisdom of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

The beautytek treatment is comfortable, absolutely painless and without any danger to your body*. After applying a special electrolytic gel on the body area to be treated your beautytek therapist will gently massage your skin with a probe. At certain points, similar to those used in acupuncture, a transfer of energy will be activated enhancing the self-repair mechanisms of your body Highly effective substances will be transferred into your skin, metabolites (metabolic decay products) will be discard d. Requiring no special diets you will spend just a few minutes of your precious time in the comfortable atmosphere of the beautytek therapy. While you relax beautytek continuously measures and analyzes the response to the treatment; it optimizes therapyparameters in a bio-cybernetic cycle. Overor under-dosage can be excluded leading to safe and lasting results.

Depending on your individual requirements each therapeutic session will be specifically configured and adapted to the treated region. beautytek determines body reaction and consequentially optimizes the therapy. Your therapist follows the treatment procedure step by step. A therapeutic session will typically last between 30 and 60 minutes, depending on the form of treatment, body area, and desired effect. Very often a good therapeutic result can be observed after the first treatment. In more serious cases the desired results may be obtained after several sessions. A treatment cycle of ten to twelve sessions can ensure an optimal and lasting success. Therapy results will be documented by a digital camera system offering you impressive proof of your personal progress.

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