Goldman Judin Inc. ('GJ Inc.')

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2nd Floor, North Block Thrupps Illovo Centre 204 Oxford Road
Illovo 2196. Postal: PO Box 78662 Sandton 2146 Docex 264 Randburg
South Africa
(+27 11) 268-0287
(+27 11) 268-0282
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Goldman Judin Inc. ('GJ Inc.')

Established in Johannesburg in 1936, Goldman Judin Inc. ('GJ Inc.') has long enjoyed a reputation as one of South Africa's premier boutique law firms. GJ Inc. covers several fields of local and International law, including:

  • Corporate and Commercial Law,
  • Distribution, Agencies and Licenses
  • Commercial and Corporate Litigation
  • Intellectual Property
  • International Transactions
  • Joint Ventures
  • Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Property Law
  • Labour Law
  • Trade Law
  • Media Law
  • Internet and E-commerce Law
  • Competition and Antitrust Law

Adding to GJ Inc's expertise and reputation for providing the highest quality legal services, it is also uniquely well-situated as a result of its associations with various international law firms, tax consultants and others. We represent a wide range of South African and international interests in commerce, industry, finance, marketing, government, the environment, labour and more.

Our clientele ranges from multinationals to small businesses and individuals. The firm has developed a clear understanding of the evolving local and international scenes and our wide capabilities cover the broadest spectrum of the law.

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