IsimoSethu Investments (Pty) Ltd.

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Open Innovation Studio 27 Buitenkant Street
Cape Town
Western Cape  8000
South Africa
+27 72 453 7691
(08) 6655 5904
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IsimoSethu Investments

IsimoSethu Investments (Pty) Ltd. is a diversified South African investment company with great entrepreneurial ability, future growth and development mandate for South Africa and the rest of the African continent. We constantly strive to effectively position our self as a premier collaborative partner of choice to bring growth to any organisation that we invest in.

We invest in opportunities and companies that are engaged in the primary, secondary and tertiary sectors. The importance of this is to gain on the growth that may be experienced in each of these sectors, and also to effectively benefit all stakeholders in the investments. We further look at possible synergies that may occur from industries within the different sectors whereby opportunities can be effectively exploited by investing in complimentary industries in different sectors.

Company structure The internal structure of Isimo is quite simple, flat and very entrepreneurial. With training in different fields, the team is able to harness the collective talents, knowledge and skills to solve and innovate on any possible opportunity that presents itself. IsimoSethu can essentially be defined as a hands-on investment company taking pride in creating value as well as adding value to any acquired entity or company. As an active investor offering strategic focus and possible human resources to the acquisitioned company, we are therefore in essence an enterprise development entity offering skills, strategic focus and new and innovative multi-disciplinary thinking to companies we partner with.

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