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FINALLY what South Africa has been waiting for! In the business sector you always have a logistical problem some time or the other. Either there are goods to move and no vehicles available or there are vehicles available in a certain area and no loads available. At Dial-a-load portal your logistical problem is solved. Its simple, its easy.

At Dial-a-load we have come to the conclusion that there are empty or half empty vehicles driving around on SA's roads. The main objective of the website is to maximize vehicle capacity, find loads, return loads or vehicles and make new contacts. To do this we need to put people with empty or half empty vehicles in contact with people who have loads to move. This will minimize empty or half empty vehicles on our roads.

Visitors to the website can enter details of a planned trip, where there is space on the vehicle. These details can be viewed by other visitors who have loads they want to move for FREE. If the two match up, the two can get in contact with each other and arrange to fill up the empty or half empty vehicle.

If a visitor to the website has a load he wants to move, he can leave details of the load for FREE and other visitors who have available vehicles can contact him and again a vehicle can be filled.

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