Cape Winelands Biosphere Reserve

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The Cape Winelands District Municipality
Western Cape  7599
South Africa
021 888 5194
021 887 4797

Cape Winelands Biosphere Reserve

The Cape Winelands Biosphere Reserve was demarcated in accordance with the bioregional approach of PGWC as described in the Manual for the Application of Bioregional Planning in the Western Cape (2003). In terms of this approach, it is essential that landscapes are managed in a holistic and integrated manner that ensures the consolidation and continuation of ecosystems and habitats. Subsequently, the location and extent of the biosphere reserve correspond with the boundaries of the bioregions that constitute the area.

Globally, the biosphere reserve concept has been implemented in many different ways in order to meet local needs and conditions. In fact, one of the greatest strengths of the biosphere reserve concept has been the flexibility and creativity with which it has been carried out in various situations. It is the intention of the Cape Winelands District Municipality that the biosphere reserve for its area of jurisdiction should be a unique and innovative application of the concept that would support the development of the Cape Winelands District Municipality.

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