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South Africa
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Extremely South African

Extremely South African is a website focused on increasing awareness of Extreme & Adventure sports in South Africa. By creating exposure for the companies behind the sports we aim to increase the amount of people getting out there and enjoying all that this awesome country has to offer. We’ve identified an upward trend of people moving away from mainstream sports into more exciting activities that get the adrenaline pumping and we’re here to facilitate these people finding the right companies to do so.

Our mission is also to establish South Africa as an International Adventure tourism hotspot. With targeted local information for every adventure and extreme sport, Extremelysa.co.za is South Africa’s largest adventure, outdoors, adrenaline community website. By posting a Directory Advert or Banner on extremelysa.co.za, you will catch the attention of literally THOUSANDS of passionate extreme sports and adventure enthusiasts worldwide.

We provide visitors to our website with a wealth of adventure information such as Where to go, What to do & How to go about it. Our Forum, News and Picture gallery get the community interactive with the website and the response has been awesome to date.

Since its inception, Extremely South African has established itself within the Adrenaline sports community as a groundbreaking, innovative company with fresh ideas and the guts to make it all work.

A few similar websites have popped up since we started, attempting to follow in our footsteps. However, these companies aren’t in touch with their target market, and often feed clients a lot of promises about what they plan to do, but unfortunately never carry through, leaving clients with no tangible results. No other Online Adventure website has our unique formula or the means to promote it like only Extremely South African can.

At Extremely South African we don’t say it, we do it! Not only do we advertise in popular magazines and websites relevant to our target market, but we get out there and take XSA to the people! With our new Mobile Climbing Wall & Crew, we’re out at events, parties and festivals actively promoting our brand. At 10m high and highly branded we’re a huge attraction at any event! We send regular newsletters and have a constant supply of new mailing list subscribers.

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