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South Africa
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We are poised to become the largest and fastest-growing full-service black business brokerage in the country with over 3000 Black Economic empowerment business Associates and executives locally and nationally. We have massive viable businesses that are listed in our database. The company’s main function is to rendering business financial advise and services to emerging small businesses and Micro enterprises. Eg, business assurance, corporate tax, income tax planning, Estates planning, employee benefits, Wills, Testaments and Buy and Sell agreements as well as business broking and business finance, loans and governments business grants. WHAT IS TRYME AND IMPORT AND EXPORT SERVICES? BUY AND SELL BUSINESSESS: It is a dynamic franchise venture that provides professional service, great opportunities and a range of services for business buyers, sellers and associates.

We offer an excellent selection of businesses for sale and the widest variety of related services available from any brokerage group! Our service is to interact with micro, small and medium businesses associates, we offer them procurement services and business opportunities like to buy and sell businesses, source for new business partnership for them, and help them to form joint ventures agreements, partnerships in black-white and help them to grow. BUSINESS FINANCE FOR START-UP, NEW, AND EXISTING VENTURES: We are also the local business services centre to emerging, new and existing businesses.

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