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South Africa
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My name is Muzi Mohale a full-time travel blogger, your host at responsible for all editorial on this blog. I blog about the travel and tourism industry in Africa. Apart from blogging about tourism, I also run a web design boutique studio creating profitable blogs & websites. Get a quote today!

It all started out as a blog focused on the business of travel and tourism in South Africa. Blogging about industry trends, that assist tourism entrepreneurs into improving their bottom line. Getting to profile industry role players who are working behind the scenes, busy ensuring that guests receive value for their money.

Though I only started blogging full-time in March 2009, this blog has been in operation since 11 October 2006, through a web design sponsorship from Christine Searle owner of

On 26th December 2009, I relaunched with a new logo, new design and refucused news coverage which now includes the entire African continent. Apart from reporting about industry trends in South Africa (which is home), I’ve now resolved to get more involved with industry news across Africa, so I’m able to document tourism successes and failures taking place.

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