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South Africa
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Mr. Thupayatlase is an admitted attorney who obtained his B.Proc Degree from the University of Fort Hare from 1996 – 1999. He was a Candidate Attorney at a leading Insolvency Practice in Tshwane, during that period, he attended and completed his certificate at the School for Legal Practice in Tshwane.

In April 2002, he worked for an emerging practice in Pretoria in the Litigation Department wherein he handled both High Court and Magistrate's Court litigation, particularly divorces. He later moved to another firm in Mabopane wherein he was charged with the management of the entire litigation Department, handling MVA and Divorce matters.

In late 2002, he was appointed at PULE INCORPORATED as one of the three Professional Assistants handling a large Litigation Department, handling amongst other accounts, the RAF, SA Express and Oracle.He is currently a director of PULE INCORPORATED. and focuses mainly in executing personal injuries matters on behalf of Road Accident Fund.

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