Stinger Stun Guns

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TygerValley, Bellville
South Africa
084 516 3475
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Stinger Stun Guns

CRIME is REAL. Safety is something that people take for granted and has now become the No1 priority in South Africa. South Africa is, after all, a country where almost everyone knows someone who has been raped, robbed, hijacked, kidnapped, murdered or all of the above and with the FIFA World Cup Soccer 2010 events coming up next year the public have to prepared.

Child abduction is a very real and very scary thing that is happening in South Africa. Human trafficking & child prostitution is on the rise for FIFA World Cup Soccer 2010 and of equal concern is the amount of school-age children who will be trafficked. Parents, be warned that a syndicate is abducting young girls for ’sexual orientation’ and also trafficking them abroad to be sex slaves. We can’t put out an exact figure. What we can say, however, is that up to 200,000 women are trafficked to Europe annually for sexual exploitation. Around the world between 50 and 60 percent of the children who are trafficked into sexual slavery are under age 16. We have already come across cases of children going missing in schools and we expect this to escalate over the 2010 period. Don't let your child become a statistic. Be prepared!

Self defence has become a necessity in todays society and stun guns are the at the top of the list for the most effective means of personal protection around. Self Defence equipment saves lives! Do yourself a huge favour and invest in the safety and security of yourself and everyone you care about. Stunguns help you protect and defend yourself and your family in dangerous situations. Think about the price you might pay should you become a victim of crime and compare it to making a small investment in your personal safety today!

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