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South Africa
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When the idea of developing my own line of cosmetics as well as to take on the direct selling industry came to mind, most of my family and friends asked me why? After all there are already so many established direct selling cosmetic companies out there and it is going to be quite a challenge to compete against any of them. The knowledge, experience and qualifications I've gained in the direct selling- and cosmetics industries as a distributor for one of the leading Cosmetic Companies in South Africa provides a window of great opportunity for my new venture. Yet, I had to consider the fact that I am going to enter a challenging environment with many competitors.

I then looked at my dream from a complete different angle. Not only did I want to have my own cosmetic line, I wanted to create a real empowerment opportunity - one that any person could embrace and make a success of. I have worked for the SOS Children's Villages of South Africa as a Fundraiser and have been involved with their Income Generated Projects for families affected and infected with HIV/AIDS. I have seen and met many entrepreneurs that have immaculate business skills, but no means of ever creating their own businesses. I have always been passionate about helping other people by providing them with information, training and support. It is not my intention to create dreams for people but rather to assist them with the reality of owning and managing their own business from which they could build their own dreams. The biggest dreams in life are often the hardest to accomplish. I believe in challenges and making a difference.

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