Novatek Drills (PTY) Ltd

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6 Kindon Road
Robertsham, Johannesburg
South Africa
+27 11 210-0700
+27 11 680-5033
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Novatek Drills (PTY) Ltd

Energy requirements for hydropowered mining can be 90 to 95% less than for comparable pneumatic systems. This mainly due to the difficulty in managing air leaks and the misuse of compressed air for cooling. In ageing networks, compressors routinely operate excessively to cater for air losses.

Hydropowered mining is the use of high-pressure water for the powering of mining machinery; it is especially advantageous when the powering water is simultaneously used for cooling in the working areas.

Hydropower allows great increases in productivity; water powered rockdrills are more than twice as fast as standard pneumatic drills. Water jet cleaning reduces face-cleaning time; face scrapers can be eliminated for short panels with adequate dip.

Safety and health issues are addressed via reduced exposure times to rockfall hazards, improved cooling, visibility and noise reduction.

Capital costs of a hydropowered system can be up to 60% less than that of an equivalent pneumatic powering system; operating costs can be up to 40% less. Power consumption of a water rockdrill system can be up to 95% lower than that of an equivalent pneumatic system.

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