North West Development Corporation (Pty) Ltd.

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22 James Watt Crescent
South Africa
018 381 3663
018 381 2041

To enhance productive entrepreneurial activities which will reflect in the investment in the manufacturing and retail sectors, with the ultimate objective of growth in permanent job opportunities in the province. The major levers that will be applied are: Properties and property development, institutional support which will lower the cost of doing business in the North West Province, the conceptualization and facilitation of new large scale business opportunities and the mobilization of funding for entrepreneurs.

To facilitate the achievement of PGDS goals and objectives through project implementation, property, management, stakeholder support and project conceptualization for funding and establishment in the North West Province.

Our values are:

  • A clear sense of direction and purpose.
  • Partnership with our locals and other stakeholders.
  • Openness, accountability and transparency.
  • Efficiency, effectiveness and responsiveness.
  • We strive for effective and efficient implementation of business decisions.
  • We are customer focused.
  • We empower people, within and outside the company.
  • We subscribe to the Batho-Pele Principles.
  • The promotion of multi-lingualism and responsiveness.

Corporate Strategic Objectives:

  • Facilitation of Broad Based Black Economic Empowerment.
  • To facilitate integrated Local Economic Development within Municipalities.
  • Facilitate Economic Growth within the Private Sector.
  • Support large scale and SMME entrepreneurs within the Manufacturing and Trade sectors.
  • Pursue creation of permanent jobs through sustained economic activity; and
  • Empowerment of the people of the North West Province, both individually and collectively.

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