North West Department of Sport, Arts and Culture

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Cnr. Wolmarans & Peter Mokaba Street, 1st Floor, Louis le Grange Building
South Africa
(018) 294 6860/1
(018) 294 6889

North West Department of Sport, Arts and Culture

Core business:

The core business of the department is:

Core business:

The core business of the department is:

  • To ensure that arts, sport and recreation are accessible to all communities and to promote special talent in the province.
  • To provide opportunities to access information and knowledge through libraries, and to manage and preserve historical records.
  • To promote and create conditions for the development of a multicultural society and to ensure that previously marginalised cultures are given the status they deserve.

Strategic objectives:

The department aims to:

  • Promote, develop and transform sport, arts and culture.
  • Contribute to economic growth and opportunities through sport, arts and culture.
  • Promote and contribute to nation-building through sport, arts and culture.
  • Promote and contribute to good governance and opportunities in sport, arts and culture.
  • Promote and contribute to the quality of social services through sport, arts and culture.


To become a transformed, representative hub of talent in sport, arts and culture that is internationally recognised and admired.


To create, promote and develop sport, arts and culture for community betterment and enrichment.


  • Passion for art and play
  • Creating, innovating and sharing
  • A fun environment
  • Accountability and mutual respect
  • Mutual respect

Brand promise:

  • We share your passion for art and play


  • Cultural affairs
  • Arts and culture
  • This programme aims to promote and advance arts and culture through the development of visual arts, crafts and performing arts by providing assistance to projects, programmes and community art centres. The programme aligns its activities and events very closely with the national priorities of nation-building, social cohesion and mass participation.

Strategic objectives:

  • To ensure cultural diversity and the advancement of artistic disciplines into viable industries.
  • To promote, develop and transform the arts and culture fraternities.
  • To promote nation-building through the arts and culture fraternities.

Museum and heritage-resource services:

This programme focuses on the promotion and preservation of culture and heritage through museum services and organisations. It also assists heritage-resource management by implementing the national mandate of the South African Geographical Names Council Act of 1998 and the South African Heritage Resources Act of 1999.

Strategic objective:

  • To accelerate the transformation of the country’s heritage landscape by establishing and managing museum and heritage services.

Language services:

This programme renders language services to ensure that the constitutional rights of the people are met through the utilisation of the main languages of the province. Government documents such as the State of the Province Address and budget speeches are translated into Setswana so that all citizens can understand what they say.

Strategic objective:

To promote multilingualism, redress past linguistic imbalances and develop previously marginalised languages.

Libraries and information services:

This programme provides for free equitable and accessible library and information services in support of people development and lifelong learning, and contributes to the improvement in quality of life.

Strategic objectives:

  • To provide library and information services that are free, equitable and accessible.
  • To provide for the information, reading and learning needs of people.
  • To promote a culture of reading and library use.


This programme provides for archive services that support the government’s goals of transformation, sustainable development, cooperative governance, service excellence and equitable access.

Strategic objectives:

  • To render archival and records-management services that will provide for the acquisition, preservation and documentation of public and non-public records of significance.
  • The proper management of public records.
  • The equitable access to, and use of, archives.

Sport and recreation:

This programme focuses on the development of talented athletes, the provision of high-performance services, sport development and capacity-building programmes to support excellence in sport in collaboration with the national academy system and sport federations.

Strategic objective:

To establish and support transformed institutional and physical structures to increase participation and excellence in sport.

Recreation management:
This programme focuses on the development of multipurpose sport and recreation facilities, provides sustainable recreation and mass- participation programmes and structures, and creates opportunities for all sporting communities across the age spectrum in order that people may lead physically active lifestyles.

Strategic objectives:

  • To provide sustainable mass-participation opportunities across the age spectrum to promote physically active lifestyles.
  • To support the establishment of appropriate structures and partnerships.
  • To develop and maintain recreation facilities.
  • To increase participation by developing and implementing targeted programmes.
  • To develop policies to support, promote and monitor inclusion.
  • To organise and facilitate the diversification of multicoded activities.
  • To contribute to national and international sporting events.
  • To develop and maintain a database.
  • To develop and strengthen monitoring and evaluation strategies.
  • To promote health, fitness and quality of life.
  • To develop an evaluation toolkit.

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