Mpumalanga 2010 Provincial Office

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No 7, Government Boulevard, Riverside Park, Building 2
South Africa
+27 13 766 2901/2/3/4
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To ensure that Mbombela as a Host City successfully meets all its requirements and deadlines, the Provincial Administration has, in an integrated approach, developed a good relationship with Mbombela and is working together with them to ensure that all deadlines and guarantees pertaining to the FIFA requirements and other obligations are met. 2010 is not just for Mbombela, but for the province as a whole, and as such the 2010 opportunity is but one of the strategic opportunities to spur growth to the desired projections.

It becomes imperative that the province should target certain sectors and systematically target them through a myriad of activities in the provincial growth and development goals and the government’s 2014 vision, as well as part of the legacy projects such as construction of the International Convention Centre and the reinvigoration and ownership of the airport. Each of the three provincial districts could, as part of 2010, identify one of the very key flagships to be rallied around with clear targets on the expected output, growth and labour absorption.

The committee is an Executive Council (EXCO) committee and is charged with providing the strategic and political direction on the all 2010 projects and related activities. It comprises seven MECs – the Department of Economic Development and Planning, Health, Public Works, Roads and Transport, Safety and Security, Finance. The political committee is chaired by the MEC for the Department of Culture, Sports and Recreation. The committee reports to the Executive Council once a month.

The committee is responsible for the planning and operationalisation of all 2010 projects and related activities. It is constituted by all heads of sectors (Heads of Departments/senior government officials), District Municipal Managers, organised labour, business and other stakeholders and is chaired by the Deputy Director General for 2010. The committee reports to the political committee on a regular basis, and on a needs / demands basis.

The Mpumalanga Province 2010 Office proposed a sectoral division comprising of eight identified sectors that require intervention to successfully implement the 2010 FIFA World Cup in the province. The sector plans comprise value statements (qualitative information) and financials or related budgets critical to achieving the sector objectives (quantitative information).

When the Host City of Mbombela originally submitted its bid to become a host city for the 2010 games, the bid was submitted on the back of the municipality’s close proximity to Mozambique and Swaziland, thus making it a venue which is accessible to three different countries.

Upon being announced as a host city, the Provincial Government immediately set up processes to interact with the neighbouring countries and get them on board for 2010. As such, cooperation frameworks with Swaziland and Mozambique have been developed and are being implemented. Both countries actively participate in the Provincial 2010 Technical Committee and there is also regular interaction between the countries and the province at a political level.

In addition to the cooperation framework with Mozambique and Swaziland, Mpumalanga is also implementing a cooperation agreement with the Province of North Rhine Westphalia (NRW) in the Federal Republic of Germany. In the 2006 World Cup, NRW had three host venues and the cooperation framework will ensure that the province and Host City capitalises on the German 2006 experience.

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