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Postnet Suite 654
Gallo Manor
South Africa
083 735 2256 / +27 11 802 6229
(086) 561 -5912
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The Foundation of Mitech Holdings Limited aims to build on innovative formulation, extensive testing and development, flexibility, quality service, motivated and committed employees, timeous deliveries and solid relationships with suppliers and clients.

Mitech Chemicals, a subsidiary of Mitech Holdings (Pty) Ltd is the supplier of laboratory and test instrumentation in Southern Africa. We provide testing solutions for manufacturing and research organisations in the fields of Metallurgy, Polymers, Coatings, Textiles, Food, Cosmetics, Pharmaceuticals, Mineralogy, Paper, Medical and Life Sciences to name but a few.

Mitech is committed to providing you with Quality Products and Quality Solutions. We strive to be your partner in helping you provide first-class products to your customers by offering complete cost-effective testing solutions.

Mitech Chemicals is a subsidiary of Mitech Holdings (Pty) Ltd and was rated a level 3 company by Empowerdex. Mitech is a PBF, WISA and and being evaluated by CAIA.

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