Live Monitoring

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7 Limpus Rd;Pinetown
Kwa-Zulu Natal  3610
South Africa
+27 31 708 6642
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Live Monitoring

Live Monitoring (Pty) Ltd is a solutions development company specifically focused on monitoring and data logging solutions, originally focusing specifically on the manufacturing environment. The initial product is Produmax Live, a monitoring solution with a patented display, focusing specifically on the real time monitoring of industrial equipment mainly used in repetitive production with the aim of reducing downtime and increasing productivity while production is in progress.

There have been a number of new innovative product developments in Asset Monitoring and specifically high value assets have resulted in amongst others, the IPMon and MiniMon solutions. We have done extensive R&D solutions work along simular asset monitoring lines from Printer status, mining, steam consumption, cold room , transformer ,refrigerated truck , environment status to server rooms.

All of our products have been designed to fit into as many industries as possible .We have structured them so that they can easily be adapted to new uses and industries. We have a broad range of products that can be applied to all industry types such as industrial manufacturing, mining, service provision, utilities, security, environmental monitoring ,transformers, strike Enermax meters ,server room monitoring, UPS, Generator sets etc.

The current core strategic objective of Live Monitoring (Pty) Ltd is to get our Asset monitoring solutions known and into the market place (i.e. increase sales revenue & market share) as well as generate wealth for the shareholders, while still maintaining and pursuing market growth for the suite of monitoring solutions. We also have to maintain focus on our core competency of creating successful monitoring solutions and supporting existing clients by adding value to their solutions.

A key focus of all our products is to enable the distribution of data and alerts to the users directly so as to free them up from having to gather / check on the status of the assets / equipment. We do this in a number of methods .Daily / weekly reports are generated to highlight trends that may be developing. Alerts are sent via SMS / MMS / EMAIL directly to the system users to highlight issues. We also have setup remote access via mobile web pages so remote users can asses the status or issues around an alert.

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