Indevco Business Consultants (Incentives) (Pty) Ltd

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11 Kendal Mews, Ruchill Road
Diep River
South Africa
+27 21 715 8426
+27 21 715 8972

The Indevco Group has been the industry leader in the field of government incentives and rebates since 1988, assisting clients to access incentives and benefits through government’s suite of programmes that are designed to stimulate and uplift the manufacturing and tourism sectors.

Indevco Customs, IQuad Global Trade Solutions and IQuad Investment Incentives are ISO 9001:2000 compliant, and are well respected by their customers including approximately 60 automotive component manufacturers, 2700 manufacturers, 500 hotels and guest houses. These companies form part of IQuad Group Limited, a diversified group of specialist financial and business services companies listed on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange with offices located in Johannesburg, Cape Town, Stellenbosch, Port Elizabeth and Durban.

These companies administer a variety of schemes for clients in the Manufacturing and Tourism Industries. Government provides incentives and rebates directly to qualifying companies. Many companies fail to benefit from these incentives and rebates due to ignorance, misinformation, or because they lack the capacity to meet the onerous administrative requirements.

Indevco Customs, IQuad Global Trade (formerly Indevco Services) and IQuad Investment Incentives (formerly Indevco Incentives) act as an intermediaries between government and qualifying companies, by promoting relevant incentives or rebates to industry, by applying on behalf of industry to government, and once approved, by fulfilling the various administrative requirements of the applicable scheme.

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