GreenX Energy (Pty) Ltd

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AGAMA Energy (Pty) Ltd, 9b Bell Crescent Close, Westlake Business Park
South Africa
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GreenX Energy (Pty) Ltd

Increasingly, companies and individuals are establishing management and procurement systems to deal with risks associated with the costs of services to their operations and the costs of mitigating the negative impacts of the operations on the environment and society. Carbon footprinting and carbon reporting are examples of the trend towards managing the risks (and opportunities) which businesses are increasingly facing. Buying Green Power addresses some of these risks and places companies in a more competitive and stable position in the market.

Green Power is a differentiated and independently certified energy service offering which recognizes the unique and distinct values of energy services that are derived from renewable energy resources, as opposed to undifferentiated energy which has generally been available in South Africa until now. The TREC system is internationally recognised and has been used for over a decade in Europe, USA and Australia. The DME is currently establishing an Issuing Body for South Africa.

GreenX Energy is a wholly-owned subsidiary of AGAMA Energy which markets and sells Tradable Renewable Energy Certificates, also called TRECs or RECs, which enable electricity customers in Southern Africa to operate some or all of their business or enterprise on Green Power.

By choosing to buy Green Power, customers address the underlying quality of the energy services which are required for their enterprise or activities. This commitment to procurement of Green Power provides evidence of customers’ values and provides social, environmental and economic benefits to South Africa. In many cases, the immediate business incentive is the effective reduction in the carbon footprint of a business as a consequence of using cleaner energy.

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