Heaven Scent Garden and Nursery

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The Valley Road
Western Cape 
South Africa
021-849-8532, 032-412-9352
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Heaven Scent Garden and Nursery

The daughter of a fruit farmer, Linda can’t resist interspersing fruit trees among the flowers, ‘I have 50 pomegranate trees, Adam figs, six different types of peach, plums, blackberries and raspberries in the garden, she says. ‘I especially love the old-fashioned peaches with the white flesh and skin that you just peel off.’

The expansion of the garden and the depth of Linda’s involvement have increased her passion for gardening, ‘I have grown to appreciate the characteristics and function of some flowers that I didn’t even like before,’ she says. ‘When dealing with flowers to be put on display you become aware of their appeal. I love the scents, and love working with something that is so attractive,’ / says Linda. She even has her friends scouting for interesting and unusual plants.

‘A friend of mine is going up to Bedford and I’ve asked her to be on the lookout. There are so many wonderful plants that are out of fashion, so finding them is the challenge.’

Tips for Longer-Lasting Cut Flowers

  • Change the water regularly.
  • Rinse the stems to remove the build-up of algae.
  • If you don't change the water, add a cleansing solution from a florist:
    Linda uses Elgin Roses' solution, which is a mix of 10ml sugar, 5ml vinegar and 5mi bleach to two litres of water.

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