Greenmarket Square

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Between Shortmarket and Longmarket streets, off St George's Mall
Cape Town
Western Cape 
South Africa

This is something of a tourist trap, although there are photo ops and African crafts galore. Fed free to bargain down vendors on their fabrics, jewellery, soapstone figurines, masks and hand carved items. The urban setting is vibrant and surrounded by historic buildings.

Originally a place where Dutch settlers stocked up their shopping baskets with fresh fruit and veg, today this buzzing market sells arts and crafts. You'll find predominantly African curios - think Congolese figures, djembe drums and impressively scary masks - but there are also a variety of stalls selling second-hand CDs and books, sunglasses, clothes and more.

Hours: 8.00am-5.00pm Mon-Sat.

No-Credit Cards.

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