Spectank (Pty) Ltd

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P.O. Box 391036
South Africa
(011) 452 5525, 082 413 9191
(011) 452 1187
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Spectank (Pty) Ltd

Ever since man first began "cooking", the build-up of fats and oils on cooking equipment and utensils has been a problem. With the continued use of the cooking equipment without thorough cleaning between uses, the "fat build-up" soon turned into a carbon like crust and would become so hard; it was almost impossible to remove, especially around handles, corners, crevices, etc. Over the centuries, man has strived to combat this carbon crusty "fat build-up". Many kinds of harsh chemicals have reached the market, but due to their corrosive and toxic nature, together with their costly safety requirements, have not been successful.

Finally in 1991, after many years of research and testing, the revolutionary Spectank® System was developed to create a solution for this problem. The solution is a heated soak tank and a chemical powder called CARBSOLVE® which work in tandem.

CARBSOLVE® is non-toxic, non-corrosive, environmentally friendly and most of all, user friendly. The first soak tank built was a single skin soak tank with the heating element exposed in the solution. As with most inventions, the prototype presented many unforeseen problems. One by one, the problems were addressed and eventually a suitable tank was built. Through the company’s vast years of experience, we now have a system that works like no other on the market today.

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