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Gauteng  2021
South Africa
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Red Dog Scientific

You can browse our selection of products by scrolling down this page - This is the option to choose if you're not exactly sure what you're looking for, as each product (product group) has a fairly detailed description accompanying it. If you have a specific geophysical method or software requirement in mind, you may find it faster to navigate from either of the following tables listing products by application & name:

Surfer - for producing contour or 2D/3D surface maps from X,Y,Z data sets. Surfer is a grid based contouring package that transforms your scattered X,Y,Z data into a grid file used to produce the contour and surface maps. After you have completed the contour or surface maps you can overlay base maps and posted points on the maps. You have complete scaling control in all three dimensions. And you can compute volumes, planar and surface areas, residuals, and create cross-sections. Excellent value!

RockWorks - easy-to-use Windows application that offers graphic output of a variety of maps (point, contour, color-filled, and 3D surface maps), strip logs, hole to hole cross sections, fence diagrams, 3D stratigraphic diagrams, 3D solid model diagrams, general data plots, rose and stereonet diagrams, and more. RockWorks also offers isopach, volume, and trend surface residual computations that are presented as reports. Advanced 2D and 3D volumetrics include easy-to-use thickness, overburden, and data filters. RockWorks reads a variety of data types (drill hole formation elevations, XYZ data, lineations, etc.) from a built-in spreadsheet-style data window. Particularly suitable for small to medium sized companies with limited budgets.

Geometrics - Geophysical exploration equipment for seismic, magnetic & electrical methods. Includes proton and cesium magnetometers, airborne magnetometers (towed bird & stinger), reflection and refraction seismographs, marine seismics, CDP cable and geophones, Stratagem conductivity imaging system, and others.

Magnetic Susceptibility Meters - KT-6 "Kappameter" and the SM-20/SM-30 "pocketsize" magnetic susceptibility meter, for field use.

Geostuff - a range of seismic rollalong switches, wall-lock borehole geophones, and ground penetrating radar, as well as various accessories for seismic surveys.

EMI - a world leader in the development of electromagnetic systems for ground conductivity imaging. Products include induction coils, magnetotelluric systems and borehole EM systems.

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