BWG Hydro Power Development

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20 Vosloo Street
Gauteng  1618
South Africa
+ 27 11 391 3741
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BWG Hydro Power Development

Pico and Micro hydro-electric Plants are now available from South Africa as a package containing Water Turbines, Generators and Electrical Equipment on a turn-key basis. The range of heads is from 4 to 60 metres. Indicative prices ex-Works Johannesburg are given for the plant up to the generator or alternator terminals. Firm prices will be given after accurate data are available for a specific site.

For Pico Plants, turbines of the Cross Flow Turbines are used for lower heads, and Pelton Turbines for higher heads. For Micro Plants, turbines of the Cross Flow type only are used. The plant is suitable for operation in an isolated system, but can be designed to operate in conjunction with an inter-connected system, such as the national grid.

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