Nicro Industrial

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Corner Staal Road and Spokeshave Street, Stormill Ext.2
Gauteng  1700
South Africa
+2711 474 2580
+2711 474 9504
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Nicro Industrial

Nicro Industrial is a dynamic innovative company able to successfully tackle any production or design problem in the mining and process industries. The company specialises in the supply of submerged arc furnace components, pumps, valves and castings into a diverse section of industries such as mining, process and general engineering.

In the engineering markets we undertake the complete scope of supply of a wide variety of special engineering processes and products such as:

  • Energy recovery using deep mine water transfer systems
  • Pressure ring segments and contact shoes for Soderberg electrode and submerged arc type furnaces.
  • Horizontal, vertical, centrifugal and peristaltic pumps. While our centrifugal pumps are gland packed they can be fitted with mechanical seals.
  • Special application valves such as pressure leach autoclave letdown, high pressure (180 bar) control valves, pinch valves, plug valves, slide gate valves and hot feed gate valves.
  • Stainless steel butterfly valves
  • Mechanical seals for pumps

Equipment can be re-engineered and made in a wide range of high performance alloys like CD4-MCu, Sanicro 28 and Hastelloy B and C to mention a few. Other alloys available on request. Quality assurance has always been the watchword of Nicro’s manufacturing process. Our newly implemented and rigid ISO9001:2000 quality control system includes 100% functional testing for all our products.

“We know the value of long-term customer relationships. We believe in developing and fostering partnerships that are mutually beneficial. We have always been, and will continue to be, a channel-focused company.” says director, Errol Clemitson. We believe in financing our growth through our own earnings and we have consistently done so. Our flat infrastructure, low overheads and diversity of products enable us to weather economic cycles and turn them to advantage. We enjoy a history of financial stability, innovative patentable feature-rich products and dedicated staff, and our future is secure.

Errol, who came to Nicro in 1991 with a long experience of engineering sales and a wealth of knowledge of foundry-related marketing, says: “Our success depends on our customers’ success, now and in the future. Our solutions help our customers reduce costs, lower risk and grow revenues. In short, our goal is to help our customers achieve a competitive advantage by providing solutions that return superior business results. We stand behind our products with unlimited technical support.”

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