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South Africa
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Duvalco is a competitive worldwide player in primary Diesel Filtration/Water Separation, and our products feature our unique automatic water discharge and fuel shut-off mechanism incorporated in each of our products.

We offer the best in both quality and price, and strive to ensure that our products are kept abreast both of latest designs and technology advances, whilst maintaining our cost effectiveness and competitiveness.

We are totally committed to offering excellent service and support, as well as becoming an increasing global player and world-class organisation.

Who we are:

Duvalco Africa is a wholly owned trading subsidiary of Jalkor Manufacturing cc. Based in Durban, South Africa and we have been in operation since 1988.

What we do:

We are the sole manufacturers & distributors of the unique Duvalco Diesel/Water Separation Filters which enjoy patent protection virtually worldwide.

We also manufacture bulk and semi-bulk diesel filtration/polishing systems which are used on bulk diesel storage tanks, both underground and aboveground, and also static or mobile genset day tanks.

These filtration systems also incorporate the use of the Duvalco automatic water-drain technology. Firstly, the Duvalco has a patented AUTOMATIC water drain feature which drains tramp water from the fuel supply system.

Secondly, the Duvalco also has a world-first fuel shut-off device in each cartridge that comes into operation only when the fuel supply system is overwhelmed with water. Should the fuel shut-off device not be a requirement, then this may be catered for to suit your requirements.

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