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Cnr. Third Ave. & Klippen Rd.
Vosterskroon, Nigel
Gauteng  1490
South Africa
(011) 730 3400
(011) 814-2345


In the early 1920's Mr. Henry Plen started a small hardware and timber shop in Nigel, a small town in Gauteng, South Africa. With the success that his business achieved, Mr. Plen branched off into the manufacturing of farming and irrigation equipment. He named his new firm Henry Plen.

Henry Plen began designing and building harvesting and threshing machines. His first successful harvester was called the Nigel 42. This machine can still be seen on several farms throughout Southern Africa.

In 1969, Mr. Jaap Smant purchased the company from it's owner, Mr. Plen. The company was a well known entity in South Africa by this time, and the name was changed to Nigel Plen (Pty) Ltd. The firm continued it's excellent work in the agricultural industry for many years. In April 1985 a strategic decision was made to manufacture and sell lawn cutting machinery.

This decision lead to the establishment of Turfmaster. This became the trading & marketing division of Nigel Plen (Pty) Ltd.

Today Turfmaster is still considered the foremost manufacturer of some of the toughest, well known and reputable machines that the South African market has seen. We pride ourselves in the manufacturing and importing of excellent products that meet our high standards. Turfmaster and Nigel Plen is still owned and managed by the Smant family.

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