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South Africa
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AnstanTechnologies CC

Anstan Technologies CC a Proudly South African company with over 20 years of experience in the humidifier and dehumidifier market are committed to the local manufacture of the Anstan electrode and live steam humidifier which are noted for their low maintenance and long service life.

Anstan Technologies also offers a wide range of locally manufactured spares which are readily available for the electrode and live steam humidifiers, Anstan technologies also supply Anstan fan units which can be attached to the Anstan electrode humidifier or be used as a stand alone/seperate unit, an Anstan modulating humidity controller (humidistat) for a room or duct system, Anstan light weight steam dispersion tubes in various sizes for duct systems in conjunction with air handling plants / units, cold water atomizing/fogging humidification and the locally manufactured AQUA ANSTAN electronic scale prevention unit.

Anstan Technologies also offer professional service contracts for all Anstan electrode humidifier models, specific to each client as well as doing the installation of new units, and relocation of units already installed. Anstan Technologies also supply Airsec dehumidifiers with the latest addition to the Anstan business is the "Jet Spray" system.

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